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One of the often overlooked benefits of having a first aid certification is it can be used as a way of improving the morale of your staff by making them feel that little bit more valued because you’re investing in them, in their skills and in their knowledge.  So here’s a few pointers on why using first aid certification as a staff benefit can be a good idea for you and your business.

Using first aid certification as a staff benefit

Using first aid certification as a staff benefit can be a good way of keeping staff

It’s interesting to note that a lot of people don’t leave a particular workplace because of money. In fact, the majority of people leave a job simply because they don’t feel valued or appreciated.

Whilst there’s a whole load of things that you could do to improve this picture, sending someone on a course to give them a proper transferable qualification is one of the things highlighted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development as a good way to help staff feel valued.

Investing in education is a very good way of making staff feel that they’re actually worth something to you as an employer and actually make them feel like they’re being valued, listened to, and appreciated in their work.

If you combine this with other incentives, such as improved pay or conditions or, at least some kind of public recognition scheme for a job well done, then it could go a long way to reducing staff turnover.  It could also help to improve staff members’ productivity because they’ll feel like a valued part of the team.  And, when somebody feels valued and appreciated, their motivation and often their productivity goes up with it.

So we know that using first aid is just a simple step; but, if somebody’s been on a course and got a qualification and they’ve come away with something on paper which says they’re certified or qualified to do something, it can be a huge morale boost. And, surprisingly, it’s very cost effective when compared to the cost of replacing staff and having to get them to the point where they are as productive as the former member of staff.

So bear this in mind. First aid qualification can be more than just ticking a box. It can do so much more to help your staff feel good about what they’re doing, to feel that you do listen, and that you appreciate them.  But, more importantly, it can help you in your business to keep staff and also cut down the hassle of having to tackle employees who don’t feel appreciated and don’t feel valued.

Remember, more than half of people leave their jobs because they don’t feel appreciated or don’t feel that they get any recognition for their work. Using a qualification such as first aid might not seem significant but, for some, it can be a major morale boost and you can use that to encourage people to feel like they’re taking more responsibility in the business.

It could be a way of letting them know that you trust them, that you want to keep them and that you value them. And, if you make sure that it’s publicised as well, that this particular person’s a qualified first aider, it can make people feel like they’re taking on more responsibility and, thus, their productivity could go up.  You as an employer will likely go up in their esteem simply because you’ve invested in them.

So the key thing is this: Think beyond just ticking a box to get a qualified first aider in your business. Think about the other benefits that could go alongside it, such as improving staff morale and reducing staff turnover.

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